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Introducing the therapies you may experience at OpenIntoLife

Every person who seeks help at my Practice is a unique and special  individual so my service to them is created to their project or challenge.  I am passionate about using the most approptiate healing technique/s which may be a single healing modality or a combination of my skills. 

As time passes and things change the blend will be modified to reflect each person's wellbeing.

Here are insights into the various modalities we can use together.

Remember my work is not a substitute for medical treatment you may currently be receiving, although it may complement it and help during challenging times.  I am happy to work alongside medical practitioners and may recommend involving colleagues from other holistic health practices to give clients the best possible outcomes.

Angel Healing, Guidance & Intuition

There are times when we become aware that "someone is looking out for us" or we become aware of a loving presence just waiting to give us inspiration when we are ready to ask. 

The Angels, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides are all around as Divine Presenses. 

As I supports my clients there are times when I will be guided to offer them insights and guidance where appropriate to bring Peace, Clarity and Healing.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

The healing Art of using our Finger tips to restore balance to Body, Mind and Spirit

Pronounced "gin shin jit sue" Jin Shin Jyutsu is ​a gentle healing touch therapy that helps us feel calm, relaxed, happy, focused and in balance.  Beneficial for regaining and maintaining emotional and physical wellness.  Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioners use their fingers and hands, rather than acupuncture needles, to harmonise and revitalise our vital energy flows, pathways or meridians enabling us to live well.

Known as "The art of the compassionate man" this healing art originates in Japan and was brought to the west by Mary Burmeister in the last century as a gift from Master Jiro Muria.  Jin Shin enables us to be aware of and ease away emotional and physical disharmony simply by using our hands and following the breath.  Many people are using the daily self help practices alongside therapy sessions to maintain the free flow of our life energy within the body.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Tap and Talk Therapy

A talking therapy in which we use our fingers to tap on our face, hands and body as we talk through the challenges that are limiting our life.  These may be emotional, physical, limiting beliefs, addictions, fears and phobias.  EFT can produce rapid, permanent transformation. It is used within a therapy session as well as ongoing as self-help support at home, work or in a stressful situation for example public speaking, sport performance, anxiety about situations and events like dental visits - there are endless possibilities for EFT to improve our life.

Journey Therapy

Guided Talking Therapy

Journey Therapy empowers us to discover a state of peace and inner calmness from which causes of emotional and physical challenges can be transformed. The more we open into this state of stillness the more balanced and free we become and are able to lead the life we desire. 

Sometimes we seek to understand “why” things cannot be overcome, “why” we keep feeling angry, fearful, worried or depressed; “why” are we holding on to unhealthy beliefs and habits; “why” do we have this physical problem; “why” all the treatment we have had is not working for us when it has done so for others and we know that somewhere deep inside there is an answer. 
The process is like an interactive guided meditation that encourages us to uncover and resolve specific cell memories that may have been unconsciously causing these limitations and find the answers. Whilst we cannot change the past, or the future, we can change the way we feel about them, or anticipate events, so that they are more comfortably stored in our being. 

“The Journey” therapeutic method was pioneered by Brandon Bays after she was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball in her abdomen. With a background in holistic therapy and life coaching Brandon embarked on a remarkable search in which she discovered a way to access her inner healing resources. Six and a half weeks later she was pronounced tumour free, “text book perfect” with no drugs or surgery.

Read my personal eperience of Journey Therapy here.

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