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Marion's personal experience of Journey Therapy with Brandon Bays

Arthritic degeneration in my left shoulder, following a horse-riding accident, was beginning to seriously influence my life. The lack of movement was affecting my professional therapy work, I was finding it difficult to change gear in the car and some day-to-day tasks were challenging. 

My osteopath was becoming concerned and suggested further x-rays that revealed the full extend of the scaring. I was not prepared to live with the situation and my quest began. I had to do something. 

In my work I knew it would be possible to improve things, I had the pain under control with inner leaf Aloe Vera drinks. I knew my body was continually replacing cells, but why was it not producing healthy bone? I had been reading Deepek Chopra’s work on Quantum healing and was convinced that there had to be a way to programme my cells to be healthy, but how? All the time my movement was reducing, it had reached just 30 degrees laterally – I was becoming desperate and arrangements were made for me to see an orthopaedic surgeon. 

Whilst waiting for the appointment by chance a copy of Positive Health landed upside down on my door-mat, there staring me in the face was an advertisement for The Journey. Something resonated in me – I ordered the book. When it arrived I read it from cover to cover overnight and was on the phone the next day arranging to attend a workshop hosted by Brandon Bays the following weekend – I was off. 

During the weekend I discovered I had shut down laughter in my life when my beloved grandfather had passed away. A few days after the seminar I discovered I could touch my hands above my head and easily behind my back (something I had not been able to do for ages). By the time I was to see the orthopaedic surgeon things were so much improved that the appointment was postponed by the hospital assessment team as no medical treatment was necessary much to my relief. 

Since then I have continued to use the “process” and experienced wonderful openings in my life. 

It is an honour to be an accredited Journey Therapist (having completed the programme and extensive case work) and to be one of the few therapists in Scotland offering in-depth private work. 

If you feel moved to dive deep inside and discover who you really are I look forward to welcoming you home.  

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