Marion Patricia Gardner

Holistic Wellbeing Pracitioner

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Open Into Your Life Now

My Private Practice welcomes people, like yourself, who wish to feel better than they do now and then to maintain that sense of wellbeing.  We work together using an appropriate blend of therapies which will evolve for you as things change.   Some people choose to work with me to resolve a particular issue, this may involve one or a course of three or more appointments, others like to maintain the feel good factor with ongoing regular sessions.

I especially enjoy helping people find peace and calmness so they can cope with and enjoy their life, even if there are major issues such as an ongoing chronic medical condition or lifestyle challenges.

Please take time to look through the aspects of my practice that includes Jin Shin Jyutsu (a healing touch therapy), Journey Therapy (an introspective and resolving talking therapy), EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (tap and talk) and Angel Intuititive Therapy.  Visit Therapy page for insights.

You are welcome to call me to discuss an appropriate course of sessions that may support you before making an appointment (see contact page for details). ​​