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Holistic Wellbeing Therapy with Marion Patricia Gardner

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Homeopathy An established healing methodology that recognises the totality of symptoms presented by people and then uses remedies specially made from substance occuring in the world to match and work with the diseased state enabling an individuals wellbeing to be restored.

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The homeopathic practitioner’s focus is on their client as they seek to discover how the disease is specifically affecting their life. Effectively they work beyond the “label” of the disease and enquire about their client’s lifestyle, medical history and family wellbeing as well as the presenting symptoms. Homeopaths respect that sometimes clinical symptoms are not apparent - despite all the tests their client just knows “they are not feeling right”, the mere fact that someone recognises these feelings is enough for the consultation to take place.

Having discovered the “symptom picture” presented by their client, Homeopaths endeavour to find a remedy, that when given to a healthy person would induce similar symptoms to those described by their client. They work with the principle that “Like cures Like”. This is the philosophy of Samuel Hanneman (the founder of homeopathy in the 1800s) who discovered that substances homopathically prepared and "prooved" (tested on human beings could have restorative properties.

The remedies are made by transforming plant, mineral and other substances into their essences and fixing them in powder, tablet, liquid or topical cream preparations. They can then be prescribed. Just enough of the remedy is used to bring about a change, this is known as the “minimum dose”. The remedy may be repeated at a later date to further the healing or to maintain the status quo if the client’s symptoms are reflecting an ongoing external situation or cause, for example their work is stressful or they are continually subjected to disagreeable environmental toxins.

Nowadays, Homeopathic medicines are being used from first aid situations to supporting people with chronic diseases that can be physical or emotional. Children and adults can easily take the preparations because the tablets are tasteless and readily dissolve under their tongues. The very nature of the remedies means they can usually be taken alongside modern drugs and medical treatment, however it is important that clients inform their homeopaths of medication if it has not already been discussed during the consultation. Likewise it is appropriate for clients to inform their General Medical Practitioner they are using Homeopathic remedies if they wish – after all this is “complementary medicine” rather than “alternative medicine”.

What to expect during homeopathic treatment

We begin our session by talking about your issue, be it physical, emotional or a knowing that you are just not right and haven't been able to sort it out. It is not unusual for people to seek out homeopathy as a last resort, they have tried many things and a friend may have said "how about Homeopathy?"

As we talk we will gain an insight into things. Homeopathy is all about you and the more we can discover about your story and characteristics of the thing that is causing you upset the more appropriate remedy, or remedies, we can find. Together we will plan a way forward - this will be modified as things change for you.

Our intial session may take over an hour for adults and my intention is for you to find it informative and inspirational. Technology has made it possible for homeopathic consultations to take place on-line, by skype or on the telephone (for these sessions I do request that people send a photo to help). Naturally a visit to my practice is the best option.

I work with the information we have shared to match remedies to your symptoms. The remedies are sent out to you in the post with full instructions on how to use the tablets which are hand made for me by my homeopathic pharmacy. We give the remedies time to work and usually follow up a couple of weeks' later, and follow our plan.

The best thing to do if you are curious about homeopathic treatment is to make contact and we can have a discussion before you make an appointment.

Marion Patricia (Empie) LBSH
Professionally Trained Homeopath
Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway

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Our work together is not a substitue for medical treatment you may currently be receiving, although we may complement it and help you during challenging times. In addition to working with your "medics" there may be times when it is appropriate for us involve my colleagues from other holistic health practices to give you the best possible support. We become a part of your life team


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